01.11.2016 bis 28.02.2017

TØRNQVIST Pop Up-Store, Hamburg

01.11.2016 bis 28.02.2017
Mo. - Fr.: 09:00 - 19:00
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addicted to coffee

The average coffee we are used to is always black with sharp aromas and smokey bitternes. What you see & taste in such a cup is not coffee, the dominant colour and aromas are those of the roastery. Destroying nearly all possible taste notes of the coffee cherry in a deep black cup full of grime and leaving you with a unpleasant bitternes of burned fruits on the tounge. Which lead to us overdosing those cups with piles of sugar, sirup and milk.
The Scandinavian countries are known to be calm and enjoy the ‘simple’ things in life with a strong drive for quality. At the same time those are the countries which consume by far the most coffee in the world, resulting in outstanding quality focused coffee shops and many of the world leading top notch Roasters.
One of them are our friends at DropCoffee in Södermalm, Stockholm. With their very light roasting method, they want to do as little harm as possible to the coffeebean, the seed of the cherry. Resulting in a cup that is sweet, clean & complex with dozents of different fruity aromas from Apricot to Black Currant to Red Apples and no need for sugar at all.

We are proud to work closely together with small Micro-Roasters who tread those delicate fruits with highest dedication to quality and the transperency of direct traded coffee:

Drop Coffee / Stockholm
Tim Wendelboe / Oslo
La Cabra Coffee / Aarhus
Koppi Roasters / Helsingborg

Coffee are red oils of a cherry and water and should never be black.

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