15.12.2015 bis 23.12.2015

our/berlin Xmas Special, Berlin

15.12.2015 bis 23.12.2015
Mo-So: 10:00-20:00

Premium Vodka gefällig?

With Our/Vodka, Pernod Ricard creates super premium vodka with a character, using only fine local ingredients in different cities around the world. Our/Berlin is the first micro distillery opened in Spring 2013, produced and hand-bottled with pure Berlin water and German wheat, quintessentially local in Berlin Treptow. The 350ml resealable bottle sticks out with its crown cap, simple, clean and charming design, while the unique size makes it perfect for sharing and enjoying with friends. It tastes smooth and fresh with a slightly fruity note. The taste is clean and smooth, no fancy filtration methods, no artificial flavors. It is pretty honest and straight forward — just like the city itself. Today Our/Berlin has gained solid foothold in Berlin and more and more all around Germany. Everyone involved is psyched seeing the brand thriving and it feels like one big Vodka-family.

Kommt vorbei und genießt!